Technologies – Home Economics

Home Economics offers courses which are a combination of practical and theory work.  The purpose of our lower school and upper school courses is to enable students to develop knowledge and skills related to independent living.  We provide practical learning experiences so that the students can produce nutritious foods, construct items, garments and accessories and the knowledge and skills required to work safely with children.  Students develop the key skills of independence, responsibility, cooperating and teamwork within all of our courses.  These skills are sought after by employers in Hospitality, Child Care and the workplace in general.

We offer Home Economics in Year 7 and Year 8; these courses are a combination of Foods and Textiles.  We offer two courses in Year 9: Food Technology and Textile Technology.  These courses are semester long courses.  We offer three courses in Year 10: Food Technology, Textile Technology and Child Care.   These courses are also semester long courses.  In upper school we offer the Food Science and Technology course and the Children, Family and Community course.  These courses are yearlong courses.  More specific course information can be found in the school course selection handbook.

At Geraldton Senior High School, we have a recently renovated Home Economics Centre.  The Centre consists of a Textiles/Child Care room, a compact classroom, a commercial kitchen and a Home Economics kitchen.  We have a well-equipped centre.  We have modern sewing machines and overlockers for textile classes, and we have an assortment of electrical appliances and items of equipment that are frequently utilised by our Foods classes.