Our Science Teachers aim to help students further develop the natural curiosity students have in the world around them, enabling them to explore, ask questions and speculate on what they see.

Over Years 7 to 10, students develop:

  • an understanding of the Earth and its place in the universe, and of the physical and chemical processes that explain the behaviour of all material things
  • scientific inquiry skills to question, investigate and observe the world around them to form conclusions
  • an ability to communicate scientific understanding and findings to a range of audiences, to justify ideas on the basis of evidence, and to evaluate and debate scientific arguments and claims
  • an ability to solve problems and make informed, evidence-based decisions about current and future applications of science 
  • an understanding of historical and cultural contributions to science as well as contemporary science issues and activities and an understanding of the diversity of careers related to science

Year 11 and 12 students can choose from a selection of ATAR and general courses in the science field.