The English Department at Geraldton Senior High School strives to ‘Empower, Educate and Inspire’ all students by increasing their understanding of the English language, its power and influence in society and their ability to use it effectively in all modes and mediums. Our English team values life-long learning, therefore we strive to create an environment that promotes critical thinking through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Living in an era of fake news, false information, and ceaseless advertising it is also imperative that our students become informed viewers of the world around them through the teaching of visual literacy. 

We do all of this through:

  • Exploring Traditional, Australian, Indigenous and Asian Literature
  • Unpacking the information world through contemporary literacy
  • Identifying the nuances of language and how that shapes society’s attitudes and values
  • Understanding alternative perspectives, learning about and applying a range of reading practices
  • Investigating the influence of the media and popular culture
  • Recognising how spoken, written and visual language has the power to provoke and promote
  • Identifying how what is read challenges or reinforces personal values

Complimentary to this is the use of ICT in the classroom where students create multi-modal presentations, interpret and produce social media content such as blogging, podcasts, TED Talks and evaluate the impact of online journalism.

From extension programs to awareness of employability skills to free tutoring before and after-school to exam-style assessments, students are exposed to activities that support, develop and challenge their skills to maximise their success.  Our English area is an energetic environment where teachers set the tone and students embrace that enthusiasm to generate a community of learning. Encouragement and support for all students is at the heart of this model as we believe in SUCCESS for ALL STUDENTS.

Our range of courses is available through our curriculum handbook and, while the study of English may be mandatory, you will most certainly find the pathway that suits your academic pursuit.

They learn to speak, listen, view, read and write effectively.

Within the English Learning Area across the Middle Years, students learn to analyse, understand, communicate with and build relationships with others and the world around them.

English students will develop as confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens.

Students will read a wide range of texts with purpose and understanding. This includes reading for pleasure, reading for comprehension, and reading for critical awareness.

Students will write for a range of purposes, in a range of forms, using conventions appropriate to audience, purpose and context.

In Year 9 the focus will be on sequential paragraphing, essay and narrative structure.

An outline Structured Silent Reading program, Reading Plus, has been purchased by the school.

Students will use this as a class and homework tool in order to improved both reading comprehension and fluency.