The Arts

At Geraldton Senior High School, we have the Arts Learning Area to create a comfortable, supportive and industry-driven learning environment for all students. In the Arts the individual has room to move and develop a sense of independence as an individual. Creative thinking courses open-up the jobs of the future or enrich the lives of young people.

Arts teachers have specialist skills in the different Courses or disciplines and are dedicated, respectful and put students first. Learning is achieved through enjoyment of the subject and initiative of the individual. The curriculum is weighted to practical components with a combination of theory-based work for greater understanding and knowledge.

All Arts courses encourage creativity, experimentation and exploration and can be studied in all year levels. Individual areas of study from the Performing, Visual and Design Arts include.

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Design (Graphics)
  • Design (Photography)
  • Media
  • Music (ATAR/General/Instrumental)
  • Visual Art (Painting/Sculpture/Public Art/Ceramics/Contemporary Illustration/Design)

The Arts at Geraldton Senior High School delivers contemporary processes and thinking in both education and industry. Our Arts Extravaganza highlights the many different achievements by students in the Arts Courses. Exhibitions, competitions and performances are regularly participated in from a local to even National level.

The Arts area is enriched by extensive ICT or technology which is available for all Arts Courses. A dedicated software lab is supported by class sets of laptop computers to develop latest software skills and emersion for future technologies.

Art has well documented therapeutic and happiness strengths. As the world gets more complex,

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” E.Degas

Take control and feel welcome at our GSHS Arts Learning Area.