Academic Program of Excellence

Geraldton Senior High School (GSHS) provides students with a range of opportunities. To ensure students at GSHS continue to excel and fulfil their potential, we offer an Academic Program of Excellence.

The purpose of the GSHS Academic Program of Excellence is to further develop the skills of students by providing an environment in which like-minded, high achieving students extend their learning across all learning areas. This program provides challenges where students can work with peers who share similar interests, aspirations, and abilities.

An appropriately challenging curriculum for each student is the goal hence the program includes enrichment and extension activities, as well as accelerated curriculum in Maths, English, Science and Humanities.

Within a select and dedicated class of like-minded peers, the APEX program also enables those students the space and mentoring to flourish if they are part of the Gifted and Talented Online Program.

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Department of Education Gifted and Talented

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