Community Health Nurse & First Aid Officer

Geraldton Senior High School has a Community Health Nurse and First Aid Officer who assist students when injured or feeling unwell while at school. The Community Health Nurse also coordinates the Immunisation Programs. 

The Community Health Nurse is available on a limited basis for minor health issues. The Nurse will conduct health counselling appointments and attend emergency health issues during class times, when available. Students who become ill during the day should adhere to the above procedure.

Priority health areas identified for this school are:

  • Create an environment of student self-empowerment and independence to reduce harm from risk taking behaviour through health promotion and health educational strategies
  • Growing and developing positive and respectful relationships for life
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle strategies to prevent lifestyle disease
  • Students are encouraged to make appointments to see the nurse to discuss health concerns
  • In the event of an accident or illness at school, parents will be contacted and required to provide transport, care and treatment
  • First Aid is not designed to provide care for students who are unwell at school
  • Parents are responsible for ambulance costs if an ambulance is deemed necessary
  • The First Aid Officer does not dispense analgesics (e.g. paracetamol). Students are encouraged to provide their own medication for health needs

Students with medical issues should complete the school Student Health Care Plan form. These issues may include conditions such as allergies, asthma, diabetes or migraines.

It’s important for parents to remind students who fall sick during the day, get a note from their teacher and move to Student Services to receive assistance.

The school will notify parents or care givers and management of condition will be discussed. 

Transporting sick students is the responsibility of the parent or care giver.