Aboriginal & Islander Education Officers

At Geraldton Senior High School, we support Aboriginal students by engaging Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs) who are available to support students inside the classroom and out. This team of male and female staff supports students in the areas of academic achievement, participation, attendance, discipline, retention and communication.

The AIEO office is available to students before school and during recess. It is a safe place with a sense of belonging. A relaxed and inviting environment, including air conditioning, computers and a microwave.

The team has extensive community and family networks and liaises within the community to engage parents in their child’s education and addressing issues that may arise.

Relationships are developed by being positive role models and mentors. Staff ensure the culture of the community extends into the teaching and learning programs, leading to inclusive practices within the school.

AIEOs promote cultural awareness in the High School by supporting regional and national events and programs such as NAIDOC week celebrations. Individual and team achievements are acknowledged and help bring together a spirit of belonging while helping each other develop. Everyone is always welcome and encouraged to be the best person possible.