Positive Behaviour

Geraldton Senior High School aims to develop in our students a sense of respect, responsibility and doing your best.  These are the values embedded in the school culture.  

We encourage students to make positive choices and aim to monitor this through a system of good standing.  All students start the year with ‘Good Standing’. 

Good Standing applies to all students.  This can be maintained by meeting the school’s expectations in terms of behaviour, attendance and uniform dress code.  The aim of Good Standing is to encourage students to take a greater responsibility for their conduct at school.  This includes the following:

  • 90% attendance
  • Meeting behavioural expectations of students at Geraldton Senior High School
  • Always wearing the correct uniform

Loss of Good Standing

This applies to students who have not adhered to the school’s expectations. The Manager Student Services and the Principal will make the decision as to who will lose their Good Standing.  

Students will lose Good Standing for the following:

  • Breach of the Student Mobile Phone Policy – Students who have their phone confiscated 3 times in a term
  • Leaving the school grounds during the school day as the driver or passenger of a vehicle
  • Attendance below 90%
  • More than 3 detentions for being out of uniform
  • Persistent breaches of Student Behaviour Expectations
  • Suspension

Students who do not have a status of Good Standing will not be permitted to attend any special school events, such as:

  • School Ball
  • Extra-curricular carnivals – football, netball, surfing etc.
  • Year Group Reward days
  • Interstate excursions
  • International excursions
  • Lunch time activities


At the time Good Standing, caregivers will be advised in writing via email of:

  • Reason for the loss of Good Standing
  • The period that the student has lost their Good Standing
  • What is required for the student to regain their Good Standing 

Reinstatement of Good Standing 

It is the student’s responsibility to seek the reinstatement of Good Standing.  After the period of loss of Good Standing has ceased, students must apply in writing to the Manager Student Services.  If a student does not re-apply, they will not regain their Good Standing.  The student will only be able to regain Good Standing if the following has occurred:

  • Improve attendance to 90% or above
  • Provide medical evidence of absences
  • Indication of improved, positive behaviours

Time Frames

Students who lose their good standing will not be able to regain their good standing until the beginning of the next term.

Reinstating Good Standing is reliant upon the student making a written application to the Manager Student Services.