Principal’s Message

Welcome to Geraldton Senior High School.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to a proudly public school in Geraldton, that has been supporting and educating young people of the area since 1939.

Geraldton Senior High School caters for students in Years 7 to 12 and is built on key values and a mission to inspire, educate and empower our students in a culturally responsive and safe learning environments.

Our collective goal is to ensure we create a place of belonging for all students and staff and celebrate our diversity to ensure that every child feels they belong in their school.

Our vision is Learning now, for the Future. We are dedicated to this vison, and it calls us to action in several areas that define what Learning Now, for the Future, means:

  • It means we teach a curriculum that is rich with local to world relevance and has embedded career development within it.
  • Our students are exposed to opportunities for career exploration through language and work-related skills.
  • We teach our students to be literate and numerate to provide them with the foundation of empowerment for their futures.
  • This is balanced with the commitment to explicit teaching of social, emotional and self-regulation skills, to prepare them for a life of wellbeing.

Our belief is that every child is unique and requires an individual approach in their education. We promote the attitude that anything is possible, and success looks different for each person.

Geraldton Senior High School has many targeted educational programs and community partnerships. We have programs to meet the needs of students with specific learning needs which include (COMPASS); students who are academically gifted and/or talented musicians (APEX and Accelerated Music Program); and students who require additional pastoral care and differentiated programs to support their engagement (S.T.E.P). The school also has Aboriginal cultural and language programs. For more information, head to our Student Support Programs page.

Our school is partnered with two on-site programs being the STARS Foundation, an Empowerment Program for young Indigenous females and the Clontarf Foundation, an Empowerment Program for young Indigenous males who mentor young people and support their families to improve the educational outcomes for our Indigenous students.

Our teaching staff are trained in current and future teaching strategies. The school’s teaching and learning framework SEEK, ensures teaching quality and practice is consistent across the Learning Areas and targeted Programs.

We are open and committed to working with parents of the school to ensure we are catering for the needs of each child. We value parent engagement immensely and as a school we aim to provide multiple opportunities for student and parent voice in our decision making.

Karena Shearing