Acknowledgement of Art and Artist

Alyce Whitby, an Amangu woman from Geraldton, has designed our new branding artwork. Alyce is a descendant of the Whitby, Bellotti, Dalgety and Dodd families. Her connections span from Geraldton to Shark Bay and the Carnarvon area.

Alyce is a proud Indigenous woman who is passionate about the education and empowerment of younger generations. 

Working with younger Indigenous females, Alyce encourages them to try their hand at Aboriginal art as an alternative outlet to telling their stories when words fail. 


This digital artwork depicts points of significance in a student’s educational journey. The circular areas are the students surrounded by their support networks connected by their pathways and experiences along the way. 


This digital artwork depicts the multiple levels of support surrounding a student throughout their journey with Geraldton Senior High School.

The centre dot represents the student; this then ripples through the larger circles with different colours representing different pools of support, with the dots symbolising the individual people. The outer symbols contain two aspects of fundamental support; their family support and the GSHS mentorship.